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Finding the correct parts to keep an older vehicle on the road is often the most difficult part of the job.  For those with an interest in the more popular models, finding parts can be as easy as placing a phone call with credit card in hand, and waiting for UPS to deliver.  As easy as that may seem, prices continue to rise and there's always some small part you really need that's not available.  For parts that are readily available, we recommend placing your orders directly with the big parts houses or through parts distributors like Jeff Zorn at Little British Car Co. (www.lbcarco.com).  Due to our backlog of Triumph repair and restoration work, we regret that we are no longer able to ship orders for parts which are easily available from the traditional sources.

Owners of Triumph sports cars seeking those hard to find parts which are not readily available should check with us to see if we have already reproduced them here, or have been able to locate them from lesser known sources.  Follow the links below to see some of the exclusive Macy's Garage parts and accessories for Triumph sports cars.

International Buyers:  Due to increased customs requirements, we are no longer able to accept orders for shipment outside of the United States.  If you have a U.S. agent who has the time necessary to prepare all of the required documents for you, we will be happy to ship our products to your agent for export processing.

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