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Triumph TR2 TR3 SS Hardware Kits

Macy's Garage, Ltd.

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Triumph TR2 TR3 Stainless Steel Hardware Kits

New bright and shiny bolts and screws call attention to a freshly restored car, but here in Ohio (and most everywhere else) the plated steel hardware items seem to be the first parts to tarnish and corrode.  I've researched the Triumph factory parts and hardware catalogs, and then verified the findings on my own cars before hunting down all of the pieces necessary to make up these Stainless Steel hardware kits.


All fasteners are Stainless Steel unless otherwise noted, and often include items not offered in the normal plated steel hardware kits from the usual sources.  More than just a bag of bolts, Hardware Kits from Macy's Garage include an installation guide that shows you which fastener goes where, saving you the time of figuring it all out.  All hardware kits are individually packed by hand and triple checked for accuracy, so you'll always have the right amount needed to assemble your car.

Note:  Pointed bolts were used by Standard-Triumph to speed up installation on the production line.  In most all cases the pointed ends are not visible once installed, and so your car will not be judged to be 'non-original' using bolts without points.  All screw heads are slotted, and are the original head style, size, and thread type for each specific location.

Individual pieces are available.  Please call or e-mail for pricing information.

Click on the thumbnail photos below for a larger view.  Use your BACK button to return.


TR2 TR3 Rear Wing Mounting Kit


43 pieces to mount one rear fender.  Includes fixing clamp (not stainless), and wing stay hardware. Lower wing stay (Moss 802-400) not included. 

  Two kits are required per car.




TR2 TR3 Front Wing Mounting Kit

49 pieces to mount one front fender.

Includes special screws to attach wing bead to fender along bonnet opening.

 Two kits required per car.



TR2 TR3 Front Apron Mounting Kit

68 piece kit to mount the front apron to the front wings and the upper tie bar. Fits TR2 & TR3 Small Mouth cars.

One kit required per car.



TR3A TR3B Front Apron Mounting Kit

72 piece kit to mount the front apron to the front wings and the upper tie bar. Fits TR3A & TR3B Wide Mouth cars.

One kit required per car.



TR2 TR3 Door Hinge & Latch Kit

32 pieces in this kit to install both door hinges, check strap, latch, and striker on one door. 

Two kits required per car.



TR2 TR3 Bulkhead Sealer Plate Kit

16 piece kit to mount one bulkhead sealer plate behind the front fenders.  Includes Stainless Steel 'pop' rivets to attach upper seal to plate.

Two kits required per car.



TR2 Under Hood (Bonnet) Kit

137 piece kit for practically everything attached to the firewall & front inner fenders.  For TR2 with cable bonnet release up to TS4228.

One kit required per car.



TR2 TR3 Under Hood Kit

Same as MCY106 (above), but this 131  piece kit is for TR2 (after TS4228) and early TR3 with Lockheed drum brakes.

 One kit required per car.



TR3 TR3A Under Hood Kit

129 piece kit for for practically everything on the firewall and front inner fenders.  For Girling brake cars before approx. TS47500 with a pedal box blanking plate on the passenger side. 

One kit required per car.



TR3A TR3B Under Hood Kit

Same as MCY108 (above), but this 100 piece kit is for cars after approx. TS47500 without a pedal box blanking plate on the passenger side. 

One kit required per car.



TR2 Interior Hardware Kit

SS Hardware for fitting mirror, interior panels, cappings, side curtain brackets (wedge type), grab handle, hood sticks, seats and seat tracks.  Includes correct #42 drill bit for the #4 slotted oval trim screws.  Cup washers are nickel plated brass.  277 pieces. 

One kit required per car.



TR3 TR3A Interior Hardware Kit

Same as MCY111 above, but for TR3 and early TR3A with folding passenger seat and wedge type side curtain brackets.  275 pieces.

One kit required per car.



TR3A TR3B Interior Hardware Kit

Same as MCY110 and MCY111 above, but for later cars with Dzus type side curtain brackets and folding passenger seat.  255 pieces.

One kit required per car.



TR3 Grille Surround Moulding Attachment Studs

Complete set of 9 studs w/nuts & lockwashers to mount the grille surround mouldings to the front apron of a smallmouth TR3.  Studs are plated for corrosion resistance, nuts & washers are stainless steel.  Exact reproductions of original parts.



TR2/3 Gearshift Knob Lock Nut

Correct chrome plated jam nut that's missing or rusty on so many cars.  Made one at a time from 15mm hex rod and tapped with the strange 7/16-32 thread used for the gearshift levers and knobs, then chrome plated to match the original Standard-Triumph parts.  Another Macy's Garage exclusive!



TR2 TR3 Heavy Duty 1/4-28 Cage Nuts

Improved cage nuts (mild steel) which fully enclose the nut in the cage, and will never let it spin or fall out.  Easy to hold in position with a single bolt, then weld or pop rivet into place.  1/4-28 thread for body parts as original.  If you've ever struggled with the original caged nuts, you'll absolutely LOVE these!  Read more about attaching these cage nuts HERE under Tech Talk.


$1.50 each


TR2 TR3 Heavy Duty 5/16-24 Cage Nuts

Same as MCY151 above, but in a larger 5/16-24 (fine thread) size for bolting the body onto the frame of TR2 TR3 TR3A TR3B and TR4 models.  These larger cage nuts are welded to the bottom of the frame for the front floor attachment bolts on either side of the gearbox cover.


$2.45 each


3/8-24 Heavy Duty Cage Nuts


Not used anywhere on a Triumph, but perhaps you'll find them useful for some other project.  Supplied in the hard-to-find fine thread for maximum holding strength.



$3.35 each



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