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TR4 Floor Replacement - Page 1

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As we shall soon see, you can't judge a book by it's cover. Interior comes out, and the front & rear bumpers come off. Wings are the next to go. The doors and top stay on for now. Patched floor doesn't look too bad.  Note patched firewall.
Patches were installed over body mounts and up the firewall again. Patched floor not so pretty from below. Body mount is attached to nothing! Some areas were not patched, but those on the seat riser mean trouble! Spare tire pan was also patched from above, and will be replaced.

Rust in the frame means it will have to be replaced.



This freshly restored TR4 chassis with rebuilt engine was a lucky find!


After careful measurements, new floors and sills were welded together on the new frame.

RF corner after the rusty floor, firewall, and bulkhead end panel were removed.


All of this needs to be replaced now, to hold the A post in correct alignment. An intricate patch panel was fabricated in the original form & installed.

Reproduction bulkhead end panel fit like it should.


LF corner needed the same repairs as the right side.


New left lower firewall section was more difficult to fabricate than the right side.

Here's where that pesky rear seat riser was taken out.



Time to take the doors, hardtop section, and bonnet off.


Well past the point of no return, it's time to cut this car into 2 big pieces.


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